A record cold as ice

ice recordThe Swedish band “Shout Out Louds” have released a record in collaboration with TBWA Stockholm,  made entirely of ice to promote their single, “Blue Ice.” In collaboration with ad agency they have produced 10 limited edition kits that can produce a functional album out of frozen water. And it actually works — albeit with some warble and a bit of crackle.

The record can be made by pouring water into a negative imprint of the master cut and left in the freezer for no longer than six hours. The frozen disk is then removed and placed on a standard record player. Aside from a bit of crackle and static, the album sounds surprisingly good, with clear beats and resonating vocals. TBWA experimented with a number of molds and liquids in order to achieve the right sound, trying to find how to minimize air pockets and how to get the needle to move smoothly over the tracks. They settled on distilled water and silicone cast.

Like M.O.P “cold as ice“!!